Vitré Castle

A construction through the ages

Le Château des Rochers Sévigné

The former home of the Marquise de Sévigné

Vitré, city of art and history

Vitré surprises with the richness and quality of its remarkable heritage

Vitré Lights

Vitré Lights guides you through the historic heart of Vitré and tells you its story.


Discover the treasures of Vitré, City of Art and History, located on the doorstep of Brittany!

The city’s crowning jewel? Its medieval castle, a beautiful monument bearing witness to the Marches of Brittany, fortifications that once surrounded the Breton border. Come alone or with family and friends to discover the site at your own pace or on a guided tour. Experience five centuries of history through the collections safeguarded in the castle’s towers.

Adventurous visitors can try to unlock the Escape Game mystery and discover the incredible secret of Pierre-Olivier Malherbe, the first explorer to travel around the world!

The old walled city and timber-framed houses with porches beckon visitors to stay awhile. The city’s monuments, dressed in light, awaken the imagination and reveal hidden treasure… Explore the city in fun way with the Vitré Lights walk, a path that comes alive at night. Every evening, 35 light drawings, called “Vitrégraphies” decorate the city and share its history. For more information about the city’s rich history and heritage, ask for the visitor’s guide. You can find it at many shops in the city centre, at the tourist office or at the castle reception desk. For more information visit the Vitré Lights website.

Discover a different historical setting at the Château des Rochers-Sévigné, with its garden and wooded park, marked by the memory of the Marquise de Sévigné, who wrote many of her famous letters there.